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MAA Session on Projects, Demonstrations, and Activities That Engage Liberal Arts Mathematics Students


Thursday, January 10, 2013, 8:00 AM - 11:55 AM


Friday, January 11, 2013, 3:30 PM - 5:25 PM


Sarah L. Mabrouk, Framingham State University, Organizer


Many colleges and universities offer liberal arts mathematics courses (lower-level courses other than statistics, college algebra, precalculus, and calculus) designed for students whose majors are in disciplines other than mathematics, science, social science, or business. Students taking such courses have a variety of backgrounds, strengths, and levels of interest/comfort with mathematics.


This session invites papers regarding projects, demonstrations, and activities that can be used to enhance the learning experience for students taking liberal arts mathematics courses. Papers should include information about the topic(s) related to the project/demonstration/activity, preliminary information that must be presented, and the goal(s)/outcome(s) for the project/demonstration/activity. Presenters discussing demonstrations and activities are encouraged to give the demonstration or perform the activity if time and equipment allow, and to discuss the appropriateness of the demonstration/activity for the learning environment and the class size. Presenters discussing projects are encouraged to address how the project was conducted, presented, evaluated, as well as grading issues, if any, and the rubric used to appraise the students’ work. Each presenter is encouraged to discuss how the project/demonstration/activity fits into the course, the use of technology, if any, the students’ reactions, and the effect of the project/demonstration/activity on the students’ attitudes towards and understanding of mathematics.



Session I - Thursday, January 10, 2013, 8:00 AM - 11:55 AM

Room 5A, Upper Level, San Diego Convention Center



8:00 AM

Developing Voting Systems on the First Day: an IBL Approach.

Eric B. Kahn*, Bloomsburg University



8:20 AM

Voting Alliances: Using Politics to Motivate Combinatorial Counting.

Christopher S Shaw*, Columbia College Chicago



8:40 AM

The Future of Voting: Engaging students through designing voting systems.

Erin E. Bancroft*, Grove City College



9:00 AM

Voting: The Intersection of Mathematics & Citizen Leadership.

Jacqueline Anderson Hall*, Longwood University



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9:20 AM

A final project in a mathematics of games class: create your own new game!

Andrew-David Bjork*, Siena Heights University



9:40 AM

Liberal Arts Mathematics: Do It Yourself with SNAP -- Simulation, Random Walks.

Jerome L. Caldwell*, University of Wisconsin - River Falls



10:00 AM

A Strange Attractor in the Kitchen.

Rachel R. Roe-Dale*, Skidmore College



10:20 AM

Little Fractal on the Prairie: a study of fractal dimension.

Andrea N Young*, Ripon College



10:40 AM

Bringing Mathematics to Life through Dialogue Based Activities and Manipulatives.

James C. Price*, Fort Smith



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11:00 AM

Is it logical? Exploring the validity of arguments.

J. Christopher Tweddle*, University of Evansville



11:20 AM

Using JobQuests as a Capstone Project for Statistics in a Liberal Arts Mathematics Course.

Brian P. Beaudrie*, Northern Arizona University



11:40 AM

Projects for liberal arts majors explaining the concept of limit in probability problems simulated on the TI-84 calculator.

Patricia Baggett*, New Mexico State University

Andrzej Ehrenfeucht, Computer Science Dept, University of Colorado



*Principle Speaker

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Session II - Friday, January 11, 2013, 3:30 PM - 5:25 PM

Room 7A, Upper Level, San Diego Convention Center



3:30 PM

Using Popular Culture to introduce Mathematical Ideas.

Steve Hilbert*, Ithaca College



3:50 PM

A humanistic reading component for an introduction to proofs course.

Gizem Karaali*, Pomona College



4:10 PM

An open-ended project for a liberal arts mathematics course.

Ksenija Simic-Muller*, Pacific Lutheran University



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4:30 PM

A spectrum of Values, Critical Thinking, Writing, and Social Justice activities used to engage students and to assist adjuncts in mathematics.

Jacci White*, Saint Leo University

Scott B. White, Saint Leo University



4:50 PM

Service-Learning Projects and Activities that Engage Liberal Arts Mathematics Students: Implementation and Assessments.

Morteza Shafii-Mousavi*, Indiana University South Bend

Paul Kochanowski, Indiana University South Bend



5:10 PM

A Plaidoyer for Boolean Algebra.

Helmut Knaust*, The University of Texas at El Paso



*Principle Speaker

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