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Panel Discussion On Grant Writing: Everything That You Have Always Wanted To Know About The Grant Writing Process From Those Who Have Been Awarded Funding

Sarah L. Mabrouk, Framingham State University,
Session Organizer and Moderator

Friday, August 3, 1:00 pm 2:20 pm



Topics for discussion include:

        what makes the programs different,

        how to determine the most appropriate program to which to apply,

        the most important information to include in a grant application,

        what one should not include in a grant application,

        what additional information, if any, might be helpful to include in a grant application although not required,

        what makes a grant application "good" or "bad",

        information about the review process and those who act as reviewers,

        what others have to say about their experiences in applying for grants,

        helpful information for those writing a first grant application,

        how to rewrite a grant application in order to improve the likelihood of being awarded funding when the grant application is resubmitted for consideration,

        how to get on-campus support for grant applications especially for grants for which the college/university must contribute.

These points are important for anyone who is considering applying for funding. In addition, this session may be beneficial for graduate students, Project NeXT participants, and both junior and senior faculty -- in general, of interest to anyone who would like to apply for a grant or to learn more about the grant writing process.


        Nancy Baxter-Hastings, Dickinson College

        Dennis Davenport, Miami University

        Marge Enneking, Portland State University

        Susan Forman, Bronx Community College, CUNY

        Jerry Johnson, University of Nevada-Reno

        Allan Rossman, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

        Daniel Schaal, South Dakota State University


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