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The Fifteenth Annual NES/MAA Dinner Meeting in Memory of Kenneth J. Preskenis was held on Thursday, April 6, 2017. Dr. Donna Beers, Simmons College, gave the Preskenis Lecture, "Who is really in charge? Connecting Graph Theory to Social Network Analysis".

Dr. Beers is the 2015 winner of the NES/MAA Award for Distinguished College or University Teaching, the 2012 winner of the Toby Sloane Award for Student-Centeredness in Teaching at Simmons College, and the 2007 winner of The Mathematical Association of America (MAA) Certificate for Meritorious Service.  She is co-author of the MAA Guidelines for Undertaking a Self-Study in the Mathematical Sciences as well as the author of numerous articles in the areas of group theory and group algebras of infinite abelian groups, teacher education and preparation, and the scholarship of teaching and learning.

Abstract:  Have you ever wondered who is really in charge? Who is at the center of whatever is trending? Who influences policy decisions? Who motivates groups that bring about change?

Leaders, whether in business, government, or education, are interested in who is at the heart of all that is happening, whether those individuals be trendsetters, revolutionaries or superspreaders of a contagious disease.

In this talk, we provide a brief introduction to network analysis and to the graph theory tools and techniques for detecting the key actors within a social network. With these tools, we will show how to find out who was really in charge among the revolutionaries prior to the American Revolution as well as among the individuals behind 9/11. We will offer examples of projects where students may discover who is in charge by applying graph theory and computational tools to analyze social networks.

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We thank Sodexho, the Office of the Vice President of Academic AffairsPearson Education, and W. H. Freeman/Worth Publisher/Macmillan Higher Education for their support of the 2017 NES/MAA Dinner Meeting in Memory of Kenneth J. Preskenis.

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