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MATH 105 Quantitative Reasoning
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Written assignments are submitted via Canvas, and MyMathLab assignments are worked completely within MyMathLab.  If you have any questions about an assignment, it is important to ask your questions so that you understand the assignment. By asking your questions, you help yourself to be able to do the assignment correctly, using the appropriate format and designated submission method as well as meet the requirements and deadline for the assignment. 

  • Written Assignments
    These assignments are related to topics being discussed during class meetings.  Written assignments will be posted on and must be submitted via the Assignments page on the Canvas course site.  The dates on which an assignment can be accessed and must be submitted via the corresponding submission facility will be listed with the assignment below.

    Written assignments must be submitted using one (1) file in PDF format via the assignment submission facility on Canvas by  the stated date at 11:59 PM, unless another time is provided. Unless stated otherwise, assignments not submitted by the specified date/time are subject to the Late Submission Policy stated in the syllabus.  Assignments will not be accepted via email.

    • Student Information Sheet 
      Available:  09/03/2021          Due: 09/10/2021

    • Homework #1
      Available:  TBA          Due:  TBA

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  • Math Lab Emporium
    Those enrolled in Sections 012 and 013 must complete the Lab Modules as part of the Math Lab Emporium.

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  • MyMathLab Assignments
    Due dates for MyMathLab assignments will be posted as the related course material is examined.  MyMathLab assignments are available from 12 AM on the date on which they open until 11:59 PM on the date on which they are due.

    • Problem Solving

    • More Problem Solving

    • Sequences

    • Patterns and Sums

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    • Dimensional Analysis

    • Graph Interpretation

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    • Percentages: Basics

    • Percentages:  Sales Tax and Discounts

    • Percentage Change

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    • Simple and Compound Interest

    • Simple Interest Rate and Effective Annual Yield

    • Annuities

    • Amortization

    • Finance:  Putting It All Together 

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    • Linear Equations and Linear Inequalities

    • Linear Programming

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    • Measures of Central Tendency

    • Measures of Dispersion

    • The Normal Distribution

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    • Counting

    • Probability

    • Probability Involving Counting Techniques

    • Conditional Probability

    • Expected Value


Please remember that your questions are important to me, I want to help you to do well in the course, and there is no such thing as a stupid question.


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