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MAA Session on Bridging the Gap: Designing an Introduction to Proofs Course


Thursday, January 10, 2013, 1 PM - 4:15 PM


Sarah L. Mabrouk, Framingham State University, Organizer


This session invites papers regarding the creation of “bridge” and introductory proofs courses and the effects of such courses on students’ abilities to read, analyze, and write proofs in subsequent courses such as number theory, abstract algebra, and real/complex analysis courses in addition to numerical and applied mathematics courses. Information about textbooks, assignments/projects, and activities that help students to read and analyze statements as well as to understand when it is appropriate to use, for example, the contrapositive or proof by contradiction are of particular interest. Papers providing information about approaches that have not been successful are welcome as are those about how ineffective initial attempts were modified to help students

  • to understand statement analysis,

  • to recognize/write equivalent statements,

  • to select appropriate rather than inappropriate methods of proof,

  • to realize when proofs are complete or incomplete, and

  • to use meaningful language and terminology in good proof writing

while minimizing student frustration and the student’s view that the instructor is being picky about sentence structure and diction. Papers providing evidence of course effectiveness in helping students to read, analyze, and write proofs are particularly encouraged.



Thursday January 10, 2013, 1:00 PM - 4:15 PM

Room 5A, Upper Level, San Diego Convention Center



1:00 PM

Becoming successful proof-writers through peer review, journals, and portfolios.

Jennifer B. Schaefer*, Dickinson College



1:20 PM

Transition to Mathematical Proofs: Assessment of an online proofs course.

Roberto C Pelayo*, University of Hawaii at Hilo



1:40 PM

Lessons Learned from a Teaching Experiment Focused on Proof Validation.

Sarah K. Bleiler*, Middle Tennessee State University

Denisse R. Thompson, University of South Florida

Mile Krajcevski, University of South Florida



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2:00 PM

A Course for Bridging the Gap.

Larry J. Gerstein*, University of California, Santa Barbara



2:20 PM

CANCELLED  Bridge Course Assessments That Motivate and Engage.

Theresa L Friedman*, Colorado Mesa University



2:40 PM

Teaching an Introduction to Proof Course Using Inquiry-Based Learning.

Jim Fulmer*, University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Tom McMillan, University of Arkansas at Little Rock



3:00 PM

Understanding the Problem: Unification, Generalization or Abstraction?

Martin E Flashman*, Humboldt State University



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3:20 PM

Mathematical Reasoning course at Winthrop.

Heakyung Lee*, Winthrop University

Joseph P Rusinco, Winthrop University



3:40 PM

Building a mathematical community while learning strategies for discovering and writing proofs.

Megan Paddack*, Southern New Hampshire University



4:00 PM

Teaching proving techniques using MIZAR proof checker.

Krystyna Kuperberg*, Auburn University



*Principle Speaker

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Two (2) additional papers are scheduled during Session II of the MAA Session on Projects, Demonstrations, and Activities That Engage Liberal Arts Mathematics Students on
Friday, January 11, 2013, 3:30 PM - 5:25 PM
in Room 7A, Upper Level, San Diego Convention Center



3:50 PM

A humanistic reading component for an introduction to proofs course.

Gizem Karaali*, Pomona College



5:10 PM

A Plaidoyer for Boolean Algebra.

Helmut Knaust*, The University of Texas at El Paso


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*Principle Speaker


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